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Exclusive Benefits for Patrons

Best Movie Scores - Showcase of an upcoming feature ▲ A sneak preview of curated lists, coming early 2024
Waxlog lets you browse your record collection online in real-life 3D

Upcoming features

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the features we’re planning to release in 2024, based entirely on feedback and requests received from our Beta users.

Curated Lists

Create hand-curated lists of releases or tracks from your collection. Share them with others or keep them to yourself.


Social Connectivity

Connect with other collectors and flip through their record collections. Rate and review releases and read what other fans have to say.


Smart Folders

Create smart folders by saving combinations of filters. As you add releases to your collection, they’ll automatically appear in smart folders.


Automatic Collection Sync

Your Waxlog collection will automatically sync with your Discogs collection at regular intervals or you can manually sync as often as you want.


More Media Formats

Enhanced support for different formats, such as 7” vinyl, cassettes and CDs is on the way. Filter and visualize items by media type.


Import Discogs Folders

Already using folders to organize your collection on Discogs? Gain the ability to import these folders to Waxlog and use them to filter and group your collection.

The Offer

Anyone can use Waxlog for free. For dedicated collectors we offer premium features. Patrons get everything and more!

Free for Everyone


  • Unlimited collection size
  • 1 Discogs sync per week
  • 3 collection sub-folders
  • Curated lists (Max 8 releases)
  • Powerful filtering and grouping

$5 per month

For dedicated collectors

Everything in ‘Free’ and...
  • Automated Discogs syncs
  • Unlimited collection sub-folders
  • Curated lists (Unlimited releases)
  • Curated mixtapes (Max 20 tracks)
  • Smart folders

$100 one-time payment

Limited to 100 beta users.

Everything in ‘Premium’ and...
  • Early access to new features
  • Private Discord server for Patrons
  • Help define our feature roadmap
  • Exclusive Patron profile badge
  • Your name on our honor-roll
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