A new way to explore your record collection.

Waxlog brings the real-world magic of flipping through stacks of vinyl records into the digital space.

The Waxlog Beta
is now open

We're gradually rolling out invitations for the Beta. If you haven't claimed a spot, Beta waitlist sign-ups are still open.

What does Waxlog do?

  • Waxlog allows you to manage and interact with your record collection in 3D.

    Explore your record collection in 3D

    Organise your collection into stacks of records and browse them with a swipe of your finger (or mouse).

  • Waxlog lets you flip through records in your collection, just like real life.

    True to life interactions

    Flip through any stack of records just like you would in the real world.

  • Rapidly import your existing record collection from Discogs

    Import your Discogs collection

    It's incredibly simple to start importing your existing collection from Discogs in a matter of seconds

  • Gain access to powerful search, filtering and grouping for your records.

    Powerful filtering & grouping

    Waxlog's powerful searching & filtering makes it easy to find items in your collection and group them together.

Lifetime Subscriptions are Sold Out

Thank you to all our early supporters who purchased a lifetime subscription and became Waxlog Patrons. If you missed out, Premium subscriptions will be available soon.

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